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Introducing the newest member of our family: Topical CBD Cream



Indulge yourself with this rich, creamy balm. Containing 150mg of healing CBD, this cream can be used for hydrating skin as well as rubbed into sore spots. Our Magick All-in-One Balm works perfectly for a variety of conditions.

  Liberty CBD Magick Balm quickly, safely and gently heals new tattoos. 

Liberty CBD Magick Balm quickly, safely and gently heals new tattoos. 

As a facial cream, Liberty CBD Magick Balm is perfect for hydrating dull, dehydrating skin. Use under the eyes and dab on age spots. Wrinkle protection and deep hydration. With Liberty CBD's Magick Balm, a little goes a long way.

Have sore muscles? Arthritic flare-up got you feeling down? Don't worry! This topical CBD cream is here to rescue you from aches and pains. Applied topically, CBD has the potential to soothe and calm muscles, nerves and whatever else ails you. 

Searching for the perfect, healing cream for new tattoos? Eureka! You found it! Aids in the healing of skin via deep-down hydration and pure CBD.

So, what are you waiting for? Try some of this Magick Balm today! We promise you won't be disappointed with The Liberty CBD Oil Company's All-in-One Magick Balm! 

Amazing CBD Gummies

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Thank you, Amanda, for this amazing feedback! We know our company is amazing, but don't just take our word for it!

In a world of ever-growing, fly-by-night CBD companies, you can rest assured that when you purchase CBD oil and CBD gummies from the Liberty CBD Oil Company, you're buying from one of the most trusted brands on the CBD market today. 


Customer Service: Doing What We Do Best

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We recently received this comment, which made our day! At the Liberty CBD Oil Company, we put your needs first. And we're sure to honor our return policy. If you're not satisfied, let us know and we'll refund your money or let you try a different product.

This customer said CBD Oil wasn't working that well for her, but our gummies worked wonders! We understand that everyone's different and everyone's bodies will react differently to our products. While the oil might be just the key for someone, another person may prefer how the gummies react with their own physical make-up instead. We started Liberty CBD Oil with the mission of helping others so we were happy to provide an equivalent amount of CBD in gummy form and were even happier to receive her feedback. Thank YOU, Lauren! 

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Liberty CBD: Where the Arts and Cannabiz collide

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We're proud to announce our partnership with Hand2Mouth Theatre


At the Liberty CBD Oil Company, we believe in giving back. Especially to the dreamers, the schemers, the ones who can imagine a world of possibilities in the most arcane, or most ordinary, of subject matter. That's why we're especially proud to become a season underwriter for Hand2Mouth Theatre's inaugural season.

Located in Portland, OR, Hand2Mouth is a group of artists who make plays and places for people today. H2M celebrates the potential of the live encounter to investigate the passions of our hearts and times in order to build new windows that open to the world. Driven by connection and joy, H2M uses evolving methods to create original performance events that are bold and accessible.

Led by Artistic Director Jonathan Walters, the Seattle Times has described H2M as a "young, hip experimental theatre troupe." The Company has received numerous Portland “Drammy” Awards, including for Outstanding Ensemble Performance and Outstanding Production. Recent performances have been presented by La MaMa E.T.C. (New York, NY), Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, On the Boards (Seattle), Bumbershoot Arts Festival (Seattle), Ontological Hysteric Incubator (New York, NY), Myrna Loy Center (Helena, MT), furyFACTORY Festival (San Francisco), and the Network of Ensemble Theaters (SF).


The Liberty CBD Oil Company is overjoyed to be a part of H2M's first ever season of genre-defying performance events. This season honors dreamers who follow their passions— be it for cooperative living, music, food or fashion. In two major performance premieres and four one-off events, Hand2Mouth will collaborate with a composer collective, an ice cream maker, a clothing designer, and dozens of other makers to create events that animate the senses, celebrate big visions, and illuminate how the past informs the present.

Look for a Liberty CBD inspired dessert at the H2M's Morgan Street Theatre Dessert event in Portland on May 6, 2018. Stay tuned for more info! 

As we envision a world where those in need of healing first turn to Mother Nature, H2M inspires us with their vivid, visceral and unforgettable performances.

Happy New Year: News & Views from Behind the Redwood Curtain

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Editor's Note: We’re happy to announce the latest member of our blog team, S. Phoenix. Like the Cannaseur, who brings you her saucy, opinionated reviews on new canna-products, S. Phoenix is our man-on-the-scene, embedded deep within the redwood forests of the Emerald Triangle where the grass grows green and money really does grow on trees.



Happy New Year.

With 2018 fast approaching, the soon-to-be full legalization of marijuana in California, specifically the new tax, has left some ill-at-ease. As good as the “legalization of weed” might sound, the tax will put many out of business, as well as take away the 99%’s ability to grow and manage weed because of a costly permit and a heavy tax.

Basically, when the new year arrives, “big marijuana” will take over. Much like the issue of Net Neutrality, this new policy will only keep the big marijuana companies safe and prosperous.

The industry will no longer have mercy for small businesses and ordinary people looking to stay afloat and grow. Instead, weed will become a product sold only by big brands that can afford to pay the new California tax. For the larger companies, this may not be a huge problem. But chances are many currently working in the cannabis industry are simply mom & pop operations and not large corporatized entities. The changes are bound to create a host of unforeseen issues in the ways of making money in the marijuana industry.

On a brighter note, these changes will lead to greater public awareness of cannabis’ benefits. We hope the public’s renewed interest in this plant will lead to further clinical studies. The cure for cancer is right around the corner and the key might be found in cannabis! Indeed, the cannabiz industry is the fastest growing industry in the world.

Aside from the perhaps detrimental business aspects of the changing marijuana laws in California, we think it’s great that marijuana will be legalized in our home state. However, we are disappointed in the illegalization of CBD in Indiana. Liberty CBD believes in the healing properties of cannabis, so naturally we support the use of hemp for medicinal purposes. Liberty CBD Oil can treat a variety of conditions from addiction to osteoporosis and from migraines to PTSD.  

We hope Indiana will change its mind (after all the founder of Liberty CBD is a Hoosier!) and follow its neighbor’s weed tracks toward the health and well being this plant can bring.

Happy New Year, everyone! I look forward to educating you further on cannabis, and what it can do to support our lives and our careers. Until next time.

                                                                                     -S. Phoenix

Testimonial: Liberty CBD Oil helps with broken bones, pain, swelling and GERD

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Thank you, Sandy V., for our latest real customer testimonial. CBD Gummis and Oil work for a variety of ailments!


Approximately two months ago, I fell and broke my upper arm in two places, as well as chipped by tibia bone and a bone in my hand. All of these injuries were very painful and swollen. I then recalled using a Liberty CBD product for a knee injury from a car accident a few years ago. I got pain relief from the pain and swelling where my knees hit the steering column, and I believe it was due to using Liberty CBD Oil. It alleviated the problem.

Here was my chance to use Liberty CBD Oil again. From my arm injury, my hand looked like a blown-up glove. I decided to use the CBD gum drop edibles and oil to see if my body would react as well as before. After just a few days, the swelling in my arm, which was inside a brace, and in my hand went down. My brace actually got looser. I attribute the change to the Liberty CBD Gummis.

Not only have the Liberty CBD Gummis helped with my injuries, but I have also used the hemp-based Liberty CBD Oil for GERD. Doctors had prescribed Prilosec, which is essentially like poison to your body. With the CBD oil, I knew I was putting a natural product in my body. And guess what? No more GERD.

I don’t normally write testimonials, but I believe in this product. I know it is healthy and it works! I also am a fairly conservative 68-year-old woman who had been skeptical and afraid, but not anymore! It works!

How has Liberty CBD Oil helped you? Drop us a line! We love to hear your stories. 

The Cannaseur goes on a sweet ride with Mind Tricks cannabis edibles

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Cannabis Culture Quips from the Heart of Humboldt by the Cannaseur

If this were a policy debate, my inner wonk would have fun arguing that Mind Tricks should only be  sold one at a time.  This edible is SO delicious that even adults (and especially stoned adults) could easily get into trouble with these addictive treats. I was glad there weren't more in the house the night I taste tested, because I would have chowed down whatever I could get my hands on, as long as I didn't have to dress or drive.  

Well, enough about my lack of self control...  Let me tell you about these insidious tasty treats. If an exacting cannabis extractor got together with a creative confectionaire to create something bigger than the sum of their individual contributions they'd be lucky to come up with something half as delicious. But create it they did - the love child of Jetty Extracts and Sweetbrick Treats is called Mind Tricks and they're no joke!

In classic boy meets girl form, a couple of besties in San Diego started a candy company named Sweetbrick, and they made delicious, sweet and buttery treats that everyone loved. Not far away, a couple surf guys got real serious about extracting the oils of the cannabis plant. They called it Jetty Extracts, used top shelf ganja, no solvents, only CO2, and even reintroduced terpenes that might have been diminished in the extraction process. Their demanding standards resulted in truly noteworthy oils and concentrates, which they delivered in the usual ways - wax for dabbing and oil for vaping.  

                                                                                        The sweetness explodes in your mouth,                                                                                                                 a flashback to Grandma's kitchen staples - pure, fresh, buttery goodness.

Both Sweetbrick and Jetty Extracts were playing at the top of their game, probably each wondering 'what's next?' with their individual businesses. Fast Forward, the guys got the nerve to ask the Sweetbrick sweeties to join them on the wildest business ride this century - cannabis and products made from the plant. Together they could create something they could all be proud of in this emergent market, which would benefit existing cannabis consumers and raise the bar on cannabis edibles, introducing the uninitiated. All agreed - great products, good people. Going up? You bet!

If the first four flavors (Cookies and Cream, Bonfire S'mores, Coconut Cream Pie and PB&J) are what we can expect in the future from Mind Tricks, my entire bridal registry would ask for Mind Tricks treats - who needs serving sets or linens?   

These are delicious candies, let alone cannabis candies. The candies all look and smell good, but the taste is unbelievable, not grassy at all!  The sweetness explodes in your mouth, a flashback to Grandma's kitchen staples - pure, fresh, buttery goodness. These Mind Trick treats are mother nature’s helper. But don't forget, each bag holds 100mg of THC, 5 bite-sized morsels of 20mg each (twice the standard dose).  And who eats just a bite?  

Sadly, if my registry wish were to come true, that would mean more than one bag of Mind Tricks in the house when the munchies set in. You will want to make quick work of this little bag of Mind Tricks, and that would be the full 100mg - too much for most consumers and WAY too much for someone just starting out. The packaging is a clean resealable bag with their story and a picture of the treats breaking down what went into them - real whole foods - organic sugar, white chocolate, coconut, marshmallows and peanut butter.  And of course, THC concentrates extracted by Jetty, one of the best concentrate companies in the business.

This just out - Jena Perez, CEO of Sweetbrick and now, Mind Tricks, was just named by Rolling Stone as one of six women Cannabiz leaders to keep an eye on. Congrats to both Jetty Extracts and Sweetbrick treats on your amazing baby, Mind Tricks. Now please, go back and create more fabulous flavors and an online gift registry for my wedding guests!

Jetty Extracts: Outstanding in the emergent cannabis market

Liberty CBD Oil Company
 Jetty Extracts: Awarded "Best Concentrate" by the East Bay Express and NorCal Dope Magazine. 

Jetty Extracts: Awarded "Best Concentrate" by the East Bay Express and NorCal Dope Magazine. 

Cannabis Culture Quips from the Heart of Humboldt by the Cannaseur

Catching a high THC wave with Jetty Extracts

Today I wanna tell you about at a few concentrates from Jetty Extracts, owned by dudes who surf and dab.  

I jest... they are way more pro than that sounds. But isn't it true that surfers have always had the good smoke?  

Surfing can get you into cannabis, but surfing alone will not get your concentrates noticed. Sales success in the emergent cannabis market requires outstanding product and presentation. Jetty Extracts has got just that. They know their sources -  seasoned cultivators growing only clean cannabis. They're solventless - using only CO2 and demand production perfection. The result is two lines of extraordinary extracts, each available in a few forms.  

I was presented with a tray of alluring application options and a wide selection of strains. There is the strain specific PURE line at 30 to 40% THC and the GOLD line, high (80+%!) THC oils in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. The packaging is hipster rustic - compostable craft paper tubes, natural fiber bags and now, 510 glass vape cartridges with a distinctive wooden tip. I started with a PURE Purple Tangie vape cartridge. The taste was even better than their packaging. Smooth but strong, I got great hits sipping the pen. I was impressed and soon went back asking to try some others to see if they were all this good.

I haven't tried the GOLD strain yet, but the PURE Berry Goo and Girl Scout Cookies carts assured me that these guys can be relied upon to deliver very tasty, stony concentrates. Online reviews confirm this, with Leafly reviews by more than a few SoCal commenters claiming that after finding Jetty they now only vape Jetty products.  

Jetty Extracts has a few years of sales under their belt and their reputation seems to have grown gracefully.  Customers are satisfied, packaging is sustainable and evolves regularly (carts were previously made of plastic with a metal tip) and customers praise the upgrade both for feel and value. Marketing to values consumers of the Toms brand style, Jetty started a foundation, Shelter from the Storm, that is a medicine matching program. For each gram sold, Jetty donates a gram of concentrate to indigent cancer patients in their program.

SoCal consumers (and not just surfers) have been asking for more Jetty Extracts in local dispensaries. I'm more impressed that this spring, Jetty was awarded the 'Best Concentrate' award from both the East Bay Express and NorCal Dope Magazine. This after many nods for brand packaging. To bust into a market with a long-standing 'Local' preference, Jetty must be doing something right in SoCal that we northerners are just tuning into. Spoiler alert: They are. Might even be doing everything right.

I think I need to go back to the Bossman and see if I shouldn't try a few more Jetty products. Just to be sure, you know...

The Cannaseur steps up to the Pax Era Device

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Cannabis Culture Quips from the heart of Humboldt by the Cannaseur

If having quality cannabis is not enough, this PAX line is where connoisseurs of cannabis connect with cool factor new technology. Read about it and step on up to the PAX!

Editor's Note: Once again, we bring you another rousting review from our very own Cannaseur! We aim to not only provide you with premium, hand-selected products, but also with the best cannabis blog content. So, without further ado...


Hi again and welcome back to some chick’s thoughts on cannabis. Thanks to everyone who was so kind after my first review. (Sorry Cheef Pre-Rolls that I got the product name wrong.)   

Just because I'm a seasoned smoker does not mean I'm any kind of professional reviewer - yet. Since I wasn't straight up canned for that rookie move, I immediately made the next newbie move in the development of a canna taste tester - try so many new products that it gets in the way of reviewing. Sorry for the delay. I'll try to make it up to you.  

I think the Bossman sold me on PAX pens when he said PAX is the iPhone of the cannabis consumer. Now that I've played around with one and gone online to learn more, that is a perfect description. These low profile black devices are not round like a vape pen and cartridges are not 510 screw-ins, but are tiny pods that connect with the battery through something that looks like Apple's latest charger cord's lightning connector.

Yes, there's an app for that. 

The transition from vape pen to the PAX system is like the conversion to CDs from cassettes or vinyl. It's a whole new system that is clean, complex, and has all the fun of 'new'! The PAX pods only work with this proprietary battery which communicates via light up LED petals on the case and really, with your smart phone. Yes, there's an app for that. The PAX app allows you to adjust the temperature on the pen, with higher temps resulting in bigger hits. Both the light up petals and the app can tell you how full your battery charge is, and you can customize the color scheme of your petals to suit your liking. I've not dug deep, but there are games (what?!?), a lockdown system for when you space on where you left your PAX and even a usage tracker if you want a fitbit for your cannabis consumption.

As for the imbibing experience, these pods from Bloom Farms are some fun paraphernalia. I bought four flavors - two single strains, Gorilla Glue #4 and Blue Cheese, as well as the Sativa and Hybrid pods. One nice feature of this affordable system is that you can control the temperature at which the oil is vaporized. I used the app to set the burn hotter than the mid-range, resulting in fuller hits. I was stoned in a few minutes and downright high quite quickly, trading out the pods, getting to know my new toy. My pals and I enjoyed a smorgasbord of tastes and THC levels. Each pod has half a gram of oil and the THC and CBD percentages on the box. My four range from 60 percent THC to 75 percent. PAX does have CBD dominant pods too, like AC/DC, but this was an all recreational night.

I love vaping local. 

The pod holder is heavily plastic (bummer) but socially conscious Bloom Farms has a recycling program with a window through which you can view the pod at rest. One of my favorite features of the Bloom Farms pods is that the pod itself has the strain name, so I can tell what the strain is that I'm vaping. No more DIY labeling or attempts to recall which strain is which by tasting them all and guessing. No more secret codes that I forget as soon as I take sharpie to cart. Stony for sure, but mostly I feel stupid for not being able to tell which is which with confidence. For this improvement, I thank you, Bloom Farms. Best of all, the single strain pods even say the name of the farm where the cannabis was cultivated. BIG improvement in my book, especially since the farms that grew the flowers used to make these CO2 concentrates were all from the Emerald Triangle - Laytonville and Willits in the case of the pods I chose. I love vaping local.

The flavors are distinct, but I can't help but feel that the extraction process has lost some terpenes in the process.  Which is to say these pods are tasty, but not quite as loud as I look for. I love the taste and smell of craft cannabis flowers, though I suppose this means I will also reek less after a PAX pod session. Let's just say that what may be lost in the loudness of a PAX pod helps keep my habits discreet.

I have not met a pod yet that didn't get me baked via this techy PAX system. 

Finally, with the kind of percentages of THC in these Bloom Farms pods, PAX certainly gets you high quickly. The Sativa and Hybrid pods are over 70 percent THC which can take you down the stony path with tremendous efficiency without the catatonics of a high THC Indica. Even with the single strains running 60 to 70 percent THC, I've not met a pod yet that didn't get me baked via this techy PAX system. I should probably point that out. However enamored I was of this classy looking pen and groovy new pod system.

As this is going to print I read that my new best buddies at Jetty Extracts have joined the PAX family. Their very high THC Sunset Sherbet has begun to ship. The Bossman confirmed that Jetty Extract pods are coming to PAX and both these businesses are excited about coupling the PAX system and oils produced by the company recognized as the 2017 Best Concentrate winner by the 2017 East Bay Express Readers poll.  (They also are in the running for Best Concentrate thru NorCal's Dope magazine awards). It's even rumored that the Jetty Extracts Sunset Sherbet pod will be maxing the THC percentages. Can't wait to try it!

Are you experienced? Have you used the PAX system? If so please comment below, sharing the PAX version you use and the pod's strain name.


'Wonderful Results'

Liberty CBD Oil Company

We're thrilled to hear from another satisfied customer about the efficacy of Liberty CBD Oil!


Thank you! I'm having such wonderful results. Less pain, more energy, and I'm feeling amazing. I've been telling everyone on the CBD, chronic pain and hemp healing groups how I feel. Everything else I tried didn't work or was way too expensive for a tiny amount. So happy to be almost completely pain free everyday. 

- Francine, Washington

How has Liberty CBD Oil helped you? Drop us a line to be featured on our blog! We guarantee we have the best CBD oil money can buy!

Buy the best CBD Oil

Liberty CBD Oil Company

Liberty CBD Oil: High Potency, Great Value 

New to the world of cannabis cures? Confused about CBD Oil? That's okay. We're here to help. 

There's a LOT of buzz about CBD Oil right now, and for good reason! It's being hailed as a panacea for a host of ailments. Cannabidiol, one of many compounds found in the cannabis plant, has been scientifically proven to alleviate everything from autism to Alzheimer's. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a list of ailments CBD has been known to treat.

At the Liberty CBD Oil Company, we take healing seriously. We're not here to waste your time or your money. We know both are precious to you, that's why each milliliter (about 30 drops) of our hemp-based CBD oil contains 50 mgs of powerful cannabidiol. Our smallest bottle alone contains more than 750 mgs of CBDs.

So, when you're shopping for CBD Oil, it's important you look at how many milligrams of actual CBD the oil contains. Milligram strength is important. For instance, our typical competitors have only 5 to 10 mgs of CBD per milliliter, nowhere near the strength of Liberty CBD. Once again: Liberty CBD Oil contains 50 mgs of cannabidiol per milliliter. That's some strong stuff, folks! 

We rely on high potency to deliver strong, powerful healing and relief. When you buy CBD oil from the Liberty CBD Oil Company, you know you're getting great value. Most importantly, however, you're also making a great investment in your health. Congratulations! 


'Provides total pain relief'

Liberty CBD Oil Company

We love helping our customers discover the wonders of CBD oil! But we love it even more when we get feedback from our customers. 



"Sports injuries and car accidents have meant years of chronic pain, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapy, which have all helped. But only Liberty CBD Oil provides total pain relief and restores complete range of motion."

- Ken P., Florida

How has Liberty CBD Oil helped you? We love hearing your stories! Drop us a line today to be featured on our blog. You can help spread the word about the miraculous healing properties of hemp-based CBD.

The Cannaseur on THC crystals, Indica vs. Sativa, weed regs and cultural appropriation

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Cannabis Culture Quips from the Cannaseur

Editor's Note: From time to time, our suppliers send us samples of new products. Thankfully, we have a Chief Researcher, the Cannaseur, who enthusiastically took the assignment of testing some pre-rolls from Cheef Naturals. 

When I was asked to review new cannabis products from Cheef, all critical thinking on my part was drowned out by the choral in my head singing operas of victory, because really, could you have a better job than being a cannabis taste tester?!? Of course, I'll do you that big favor, Bossman! I was given two well packaged pre-rolled cones, a "Fox Tail" rolled in keif and a "Snow Cap*" rolled in clear THC crystals. I turned down his request to FaceTime the tasting sesh, you know, federally Illegal and all.

'It takes a lot to WOW seasoned cannabis veterans.' 

I knew this was one I'd do better if I tasted with a friend, passing keeping me from sucking down these beauties and tuning out on a couch, binge watching away my weekend, never to be heard from until all snacks were depleted. It was not hard to find my aide. Again, who would turn this offer down? I went over to my buddy's, and taking my assignment seriously, took out my notebook to record the insights of seasoned stoners.

The cones come in plastic conical tubes that were not shrink wrapped, but well capped. We started with the Snow Cap, both curious about THC crystals, a white powder that coated both the cone and the inside of the tube. The prerolls fit the tubes perfectly - clearly large but not stuck so were easy to access.  As predicted, extra THC coating came out when uncapped and tipped onto the paper we'd laid out to catch any loose crystal dust.  "You've gotta love a joint this big that comes with a half-teaspoon of cocaine as a bonus!," we joked. We also tasted this THC powder pile, which was not sweet and pretty flavorless to the tongue.  It sure looked pretty dusted over 2/3rds of this spliff.  And it takes a lot to WOW seasoned cannabis veterans. We agreed this would be a great party joint - impressive in size, novel in this THC crystal coating and flawlessly rolled in a natural paper with a crutch about an inch long that made passing without a clip or holder easy.

'We're fans of organic and natural ganja so shrugged

and sparked up with enthusiasm.'

Before getting too blasted, we looked over the label which emphasized "natural" and "organic," which we both look for, even if "organic" can't be strictly measured or stated since organic standards are set by the same federal government that considers cannabis itself an illegal Schedule 1 drug. The one cone has 1,500 milligrams of organically grown flowers, but does not say from where it is sourced or grown, and does not have the strain, landrace or THC/CBD percentages that discerning smokers look for and California regulations will require in January 2018 when recreational sales kick off. I was told these were made from a Cali-grown OG Kush, but the labeling doesn't reflect that, although Cheef Chews are separately labeled as Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and Pure CBD.  But we're fans of organic and natural ganja so shrugged and sparked up with enthusiasm.

One thing about a cone like this is you get bigger hits right off the bat, front-loading the medicine to be sure you come on quickly. The THC crystals seemed to speed the run on the paper, which was shiny with the melt from this magic coating, but the run was uniform! Not just in one spot, and the still burning center material held together until it was burned to a true ash. About halfway down we put the joint out, noting again it's size and how perfect it would be at a party with more people to enjoy these first heady hits.

The high was physical and fun without the "couch lock" that Indicas are famous for. We could still talk about our observations, did not get lost in the TV or music, and it was a pleasant social high too. We both expected a delayed come on and thought we'd be blasted in another 20 minutes - not the case.  But we did then find ourselves kind of touchy and had a fun fuck session, so I'd have to say it was sensual in that regard...

After the lovin', we came back to our assignment and took on the Fox Tail, which held the keif in place better than the THC crystals did. A thick cone, perfectly coated to the same 2/3rds point in slightly golden keif that was handsome on the natural papers Cheef uses. Again, the first third of the paper ran faster than the weed inside, but it also held until fully ashed. 


One thing about both the cones is they did not have a noticeable smell. That could be that we usually smoke GGW (Good Green Weed) grown locally, which can be a problem as the scent is too strong and not easy to keep discreet. But the high was, like with the Snow Cap, sped up by the sheer girth of the cone at the phat end. The keif was not as oily as the THC crystals. That turned out to be how we could determine which tail was which. A way to label the name of the cone, (maybe printing "foxtail" on the crutch paper readable through the paper?), would help customers buy again the product they preferred.

With two people, the roaches were still good sized after we put the cones out, and we both enjoyed going back for more of each as the evening continued. The quality of the cannabis used in making these pre-rolls worked its magic, and it would be easy to sell these party passers for $20 and up at a dispensary, where a 16th of unrolled ganja can set you back $22 a gram or more.  I'd love to try a Sativa pre-roll by Cheef - they clearly know how to craft a good pre-roll cone, and the mental, creative high of a good Sativa could really light up a party or creative project.

One thing my buddy (himself a member of a native tribe) did point out is that the labeling has an almost appropriative use of native symbols - feathers on a dream catcher, Cheef (albeit spelled differently than the tribal leadership title) and nature references in the names of the two products. Apparently, being tuned into the history of commercialization of native traditions, some in that population are offended by these cultural appropriations, especially when exploited to benefit white corporate America. Still, as he relit he pointed out, "I caught all that, and still I keep smoking it..." That's probably the greatest stamp of approval for these Cheef pre-rolled cones.

And BTW, we'd volunteer to try out any more products Cheef needs evaluated. Any time!

* Our Chief Researcher must have been thoroughly Cheefed when she wrote this. The "Snow Caps" she refers to are actually called "White Caps."