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Testimonial: Liberty CBD Oil helps with broken bones, pain, swelling and GERD

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Thank you, Sandy V., for our latest real customer testimonial. CBD Gummis and Oil work for a variety of ailments!


Approximately two months ago, I fell and broke my upper arm in two places, as well as chipped by tibia bone and a bone in my hand. All of these injuries were very painful and swollen. I then recalled using a Liberty CBD product for a knee injury from a car accident a few years ago. I got pain relief from the pain and swelling where my knees hit the steering column, and I believe it was due to using Liberty CBD Oil. It alleviated the problem.

Here was my chance to use Liberty CBD Oil again. From my arm injury, my hand looked like a blown-up glove. I decided to use the CBD gum drop edibles and oil to see if my body would react as well as before. After just a few days, the swelling in my arm, which was inside a brace, and in my hand went down. My brace actually got looser. I attribute the change to the Liberty CBD Gummis.

Not only have the Liberty CBD Gummis helped with my injuries, but I have also used the hemp-based Liberty CBD Oil for GERD. Doctors had prescribed Prilosec, which is essentially like poison to your body. With the CBD oil, I knew I was putting a natural product in my body. And guess what? No more GERD.

I don’t normally write testimonials, but I believe in this product. I know it is healthy and it works! I also am a fairly conservative 68-year-old woman who had been skeptical and afraid, but not anymore! It works!

How has Liberty CBD Oil helped you? Drop us a line! We love to hear your stories.