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Happy New Year: News & Views from Behind the Redwood Curtain

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Editor's Note: We’re happy to announce the latest member of our blog team, S. Phoenix. Like the Cannaseur, who brings you her saucy, opinionated reviews on new canna-products, S. Phoenix is our man-on-the-scene, embedded deep within the redwood forests of the Emerald Triangle where the grass grows green and money really does grow on trees.



Happy New Year.

With 2018 fast approaching, the soon-to-be full legalization of marijuana in California, specifically the new tax, has left some ill-at-ease. As good as the “legalization of weed” might sound, the tax will put many out of business, as well as take away the 99%’s ability to grow and manage weed because of a costly permit and a heavy tax.

Basically, when the new year arrives, “big marijuana” will take over. Much like the issue of Net Neutrality, this new policy will only keep the big marijuana companies safe and prosperous.

The industry will no longer have mercy for small businesses and ordinary people looking to stay afloat and grow. Instead, weed will become a product sold only by big brands that can afford to pay the new California tax. For the larger companies, this may not be a huge problem. But chances are many currently working in the cannabis industry are simply mom & pop operations and not large corporatized entities. The changes are bound to create a host of unforeseen issues in the ways of making money in the marijuana industry.

On a brighter note, these changes will lead to greater public awareness of cannabis’ benefits. We hope the public’s renewed interest in this plant will lead to further clinical studies. The cure for cancer is right around the corner and the key might be found in cannabis! Indeed, the cannabiz industry is the fastest growing industry in the world.

Aside from the perhaps detrimental business aspects of the changing marijuana laws in California, we think it’s great that marijuana will be legalized in our home state. However, we are disappointed in the illegalization of CBD in Indiana. Liberty CBD believes in the healing properties of cannabis, so naturally we support the use of hemp for medicinal purposes. Liberty CBD Oil can treat a variety of conditions from addiction to osteoporosis and from migraines to PTSD.  

We hope Indiana will change its mind (after all the founder of Liberty CBD is a Hoosier!) and follow its neighbor’s weed tracks toward the health and well being this plant can bring.

Happy New Year, everyone! I look forward to educating you further on cannabis, and what it can do to support our lives and our careers. Until next time.

                                                                                     -S. Phoenix