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The Cannaseur steps up to the Pax Era Device

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Cannabis Culture Quips from the heart of Humboldt by the Cannaseur

If having quality cannabis is not enough, this PAX line is where connoisseurs of cannabis connect with cool factor new technology. Read about it and step on up to the PAX!

Editor's Note: Once again, we bring you another rousting review from our very own Cannaseur! We aim to not only provide you with premium, hand-selected products, but also with the best cannabis blog content. So, without further ado...


Hi again and welcome back to some chick’s thoughts on cannabis. Thanks to everyone who was so kind after my first review. (Sorry Cheef Pre-Rolls that I got the product name wrong.)   

Just because I'm a seasoned smoker does not mean I'm any kind of professional reviewer - yet. Since I wasn't straight up canned for that rookie move, I immediately made the next newbie move in the development of a canna taste tester - try so many new products that it gets in the way of reviewing. Sorry for the delay. I'll try to make it up to you.  

I think the Bossman sold me on PAX pens when he said PAX is the iPhone of the cannabis consumer. Now that I've played around with one and gone online to learn more, that is a perfect description. These low profile black devices are not round like a vape pen and cartridges are not 510 screw-ins, but are tiny pods that connect with the battery through something that looks like Apple's latest charger cord's lightning connector.

Yes, there's an app for that. 

The transition from vape pen to the PAX system is like the conversion to CDs from cassettes or vinyl. It's a whole new system that is clean, complex, and has all the fun of 'new'! The PAX pods only work with this proprietary battery which communicates via light up LED petals on the case and really, with your smart phone. Yes, there's an app for that. The PAX app allows you to adjust the temperature on the pen, with higher temps resulting in bigger hits. Both the light up petals and the app can tell you how full your battery charge is, and you can customize the color scheme of your petals to suit your liking. I've not dug deep, but there are games (what?!?), a lockdown system for when you space on where you left your PAX and even a usage tracker if you want a fitbit for your cannabis consumption.

As for the imbibing experience, these pods from Bloom Farms are some fun paraphernalia. I bought four flavors - two single strains, Gorilla Glue #4 and Blue Cheese, as well as the Sativa and Hybrid pods. One nice feature of this affordable system is that you can control the temperature at which the oil is vaporized. I used the app to set the burn hotter than the mid-range, resulting in fuller hits. I was stoned in a few minutes and downright high quite quickly, trading out the pods, getting to know my new toy. My pals and I enjoyed a smorgasbord of tastes and THC levels. Each pod has half a gram of oil and the THC and CBD percentages on the box. My four range from 60 percent THC to 75 percent. PAX does have CBD dominant pods too, like AC/DC, but this was an all recreational night.

I love vaping local. 

The pod holder is heavily plastic (bummer) but socially conscious Bloom Farms has a recycling program with a window through which you can view the pod at rest. One of my favorite features of the Bloom Farms pods is that the pod itself has the strain name, so I can tell what the strain is that I'm vaping. No more DIY labeling or attempts to recall which strain is which by tasting them all and guessing. No more secret codes that I forget as soon as I take sharpie to cart. Stony for sure, but mostly I feel stupid for not being able to tell which is which with confidence. For this improvement, I thank you, Bloom Farms. Best of all, the single strain pods even say the name of the farm where the cannabis was cultivated. BIG improvement in my book, especially since the farms that grew the flowers used to make these CO2 concentrates were all from the Emerald Triangle - Laytonville and Willits in the case of the pods I chose. I love vaping local.

The flavors are distinct, but I can't help but feel that the extraction process has lost some terpenes in the process.  Which is to say these pods are tasty, but not quite as loud as I look for. I love the taste and smell of craft cannabis flowers, though I suppose this means I will also reek less after a PAX pod session. Let's just say that what may be lost in the loudness of a PAX pod helps keep my habits discreet.

I have not met a pod yet that didn't get me baked via this techy PAX system. 

Finally, with the kind of percentages of THC in these Bloom Farms pods, PAX certainly gets you high quickly. The Sativa and Hybrid pods are over 70 percent THC which can take you down the stony path with tremendous efficiency without the catatonics of a high THC Indica. Even with the single strains running 60 to 70 percent THC, I've not met a pod yet that didn't get me baked via this techy PAX system. I should probably point that out. However enamored I was of this classy looking pen and groovy new pod system.

As this is going to print I read that my new best buddies at Jetty Extracts have joined the PAX family. Their very high THC Sunset Sherbet has begun to ship. The Bossman confirmed that Jetty Extract pods are coming to PAX and both these businesses are excited about coupling the PAX system and oils produced by the company recognized as the 2017 Best Concentrate winner by the 2017 East Bay Express Readers poll.  (They also are in the running for Best Concentrate thru NorCal's Dope magazine awards). It's even rumored that the Jetty Extracts Sunset Sherbet pod will be maxing the THC percentages. Can't wait to try it!

Are you experienced? Have you used the PAX system? If so please comment below, sharing the PAX version you use and the pod's strain name.