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Jetty Extracts: Outstanding in the emergent cannabis market

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 Jetty Extracts: Awarded "Best Concentrate" by the East Bay Express and NorCal Dope Magazine. 

Jetty Extracts: Awarded "Best Concentrate" by the East Bay Express and NorCal Dope Magazine. 

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Catching a high THC wave with Jetty Extracts

Today I wanna tell you about at a few concentrates from Jetty Extracts, owned by dudes who surf and dab.  

I jest... they are way more pro than that sounds. But isn't it true that surfers have always had the good smoke?  

Surfing can get you into cannabis, but surfing alone will not get your concentrates noticed. Sales success in the emergent cannabis market requires outstanding product and presentation. Jetty Extracts has got just that. They know their sources -  seasoned cultivators growing only clean cannabis. They're solventless - using only CO2 and demand production perfection. The result is two lines of extraordinary extracts, each available in a few forms.  

I was presented with a tray of alluring application options and a wide selection of strains. There is the strain specific PURE line at 30 to 40% THC and the GOLD line, high (80+%!) THC oils in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. The packaging is hipster rustic - compostable craft paper tubes, natural fiber bags and now, 510 glass vape cartridges with a distinctive wooden tip. I started with a PURE Purple Tangie vape cartridge. The taste was even better than their packaging. Smooth but strong, I got great hits sipping the pen. I was impressed and soon went back asking to try some others to see if they were all this good.

I haven't tried the GOLD strain yet, but the PURE Berry Goo and Girl Scout Cookies carts assured me that these guys can be relied upon to deliver very tasty, stony concentrates. Online reviews confirm this, with Leafly reviews by more than a few SoCal commenters claiming that after finding Jetty they now only vape Jetty products.  

Jetty Extracts has a few years of sales under their belt and their reputation seems to have grown gracefully.  Customers are satisfied, packaging is sustainable and evolves regularly (carts were previously made of plastic with a metal tip) and customers praise the upgrade both for feel and value. Marketing to values consumers of the Toms brand style, Jetty started a foundation, Shelter from the Storm, that is a medicine matching program. For each gram sold, Jetty donates a gram of concentrate to indigent cancer patients in their program.

SoCal consumers (and not just surfers) have been asking for more Jetty Extracts in local dispensaries. I'm more impressed that this spring, Jetty was awarded the 'Best Concentrate' award from both the East Bay Express and NorCal Dope Magazine. This after many nods for brand packaging. To bust into a market with a long-standing 'Local' preference, Jetty must be doing something right in SoCal that we northerners are just tuning into. Spoiler alert: They are. Might even be doing everything right.

I think I need to go back to the Bossman and see if I shouldn't try a few more Jetty products. Just to be sure, you know...