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The Cannaseur goes on a sweet ride with Mind Tricks cannabis edibles

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If this were a policy debate, my inner wonk would have fun arguing that Mind Tricks should only be  sold one at a time.  This edible is SO delicious that even adults (and especially stoned adults) could easily get into trouble with these addictive treats. I was glad there weren't more in the house the night I taste tested, because I would have chowed down whatever I could get my hands on, as long as I didn't have to dress or drive.  

Well, enough about my lack of self control...  Let me tell you about these insidious tasty treats. If an exacting cannabis extractor got together with a creative confectionaire to create something bigger than the sum of their individual contributions they'd be lucky to come up with something half as delicious. But create it they did - the love child of Jetty Extracts and Sweetbrick Treats is called Mind Tricks and they're no joke!

In classic boy meets girl form, a couple of besties in San Diego started a candy company named Sweetbrick, and they made delicious, sweet and buttery treats that everyone loved. Not far away, a couple surf guys got real serious about extracting the oils of the cannabis plant. They called it Jetty Extracts, used top shelf ganja, no solvents, only CO2, and even reintroduced terpenes that might have been diminished in the extraction process. Their demanding standards resulted in truly noteworthy oils and concentrates, which they delivered in the usual ways - wax for dabbing and oil for vaping.  

                                                                                        The sweetness explodes in your mouth,                                                                                                                 a flashback to Grandma's kitchen staples - pure, fresh, buttery goodness.

Both Sweetbrick and Jetty Extracts were playing at the top of their game, probably each wondering 'what's next?' with their individual businesses. Fast Forward, the guys got the nerve to ask the Sweetbrick sweeties to join them on the wildest business ride this century - cannabis and products made from the plant. Together they could create something they could all be proud of in this emergent market, which would benefit existing cannabis consumers and raise the bar on cannabis edibles, introducing the uninitiated. All agreed - great products, good people. Going up? You bet!

If the first four flavors (Cookies and Cream, Bonfire S'mores, Coconut Cream Pie and PB&J) are what we can expect in the future from Mind Tricks, my entire bridal registry would ask for Mind Tricks treats - who needs serving sets or linens?   

These are delicious candies, let alone cannabis candies. The candies all look and smell good, but the taste is unbelievable, not grassy at all!  The sweetness explodes in your mouth, a flashback to Grandma's kitchen staples - pure, fresh, buttery goodness. These Mind Trick treats are mother nature’s helper. But don't forget, each bag holds 100mg of THC, 5 bite-sized morsels of 20mg each (twice the standard dose).  And who eats just a bite?  

Sadly, if my registry wish were to come true, that would mean more than one bag of Mind Tricks in the house when the munchies set in. You will want to make quick work of this little bag of Mind Tricks, and that would be the full 100mg - too much for most consumers and WAY too much for someone just starting out. The packaging is a clean resealable bag with their story and a picture of the treats breaking down what went into them - real whole foods - organic sugar, white chocolate, coconut, marshmallows and peanut butter.  And of course, THC concentrates extracted by Jetty, one of the best concentrate companies in the business.

This just out - Jena Perez, CEO of Sweetbrick and now, Mind Tricks, was just named by Rolling Stone as one of six women Cannabiz leaders to keep an eye on. Congrats to both Jetty Extracts and Sweetbrick treats on your amazing baby, Mind Tricks. Now please, go back and create more fabulous flavors and an online gift registry for my wedding guests!